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PLAY’s First Annual Community Breakfast Fundraiser on May 9, 2019 at Monterra at Westworld was a smashing success and an all-around amazing event, attended by many old and new friends. We’re so grateful for all the support for PLAY’s efforts to bring mindfulness to children and their families and professionals. Below are a few highlights, and we’ll be posting more in the days ahead!

Big Ideas

Our definition of mindfulness is simply this: Paying attention to our experience, in a way that allows us to respond rather than react. It’s a quality of inner stillness that is always available, even when our lives seem difficult, chaotic, or confusing. PLAY’s combination of yoga, art, and mindfulness activities helps young people (and their families) learn to notice their thoughts, emotions, and physical impulses and sensations, and begin to have healthier and more constructive responses to their environment.

Below are link content, information, and exercises we love, and that we think you’ll helpful or interesting. Topics range from yoga, to simple mindfulness exercises you can do with your kids, to art projects, staying centered when you’re on the go, and more. We’re constantly adding new information, so check back regularly.

Yoga & Mindfulness In Schools

BBC interviewed some primary school children and experts on the impact of yoga on their life. With Charlotta Martinus, founder of TeenYoga.

PLAY On the News!

You might not expect to find inner peace inside a bustling elementary school, but a growing number of students in Baltimore are learning to seek just that. They start each day with deep breathing, and if the kids misbehave, they're not sent to the principal's office, but to the meditation room.

An Early Start for Yoga and Mindfulness


PLAY at the Phoenix Children’s Museum - Channel 10

PLAY at the Phoenix Children’s Museum - Channel 3