The Best Part of Being a PLAY Instructor

I don’t know about you, but the principles of self-regulation, breathwork, meditation, and mindful movement were foreign concepts in my life until recently. Never in my childhood home or throughout my education were these ideas taught, modeled, or practiced. 

It wasn’t until after graduate school when I was on the brink of burnout that I sought out a different way of living.  Through my exploration of mindfulness-related practices, I experienced a life-changing evolution that eventually brought me to discover PLAY. I fell in love with the idea of teaching the next generation of young people (the future of our world) the brilliant practices and principles which had been lacking from my own life. 

Let’s  define what a PLAY instructor does. We bring the skills and knowledge of mindfulness, art, and yoga to children and families. We’ve all experienced first-hand how greater self-awareness can promote resiliency, calm the nervous system, and empower children to self-regulate their emotions in a sometimes chaotic world. 

For most of us, home/work life is anything but simple. As adults, how often do we run throughout our day from one task list to another, one job to our home job, endlessly feeling as if we’re “never enough” or that we’ve “never done enough.”  These examples of the day-to-day treadmill of endless living buried in tasks, is imprinted on the impressionable minds of our children. 

So nothing brings more joy than to see a child, whether 2, 22, or 42 (we all have an inner child) being able to pause in the midst of a busy day to repeat our mantra, “Peace begins with me,” while taking  a big breath and exhale. 

It’s deeply satisfying to know that no matter what obstacles they encounter after  I leave, I have provided them with a tool they can use for centering, grounding, and calming themselves; a tool that they can take with them throughout their lives. 

And even more fun is the thought of when they return to their home and tell their parents and siblings what they learned today. It’s exciting to envision the golden sparks of light and knowledge that can spread like wildfire within their own homes. 

The future of the world lies within our children. I truly believe that the education of the future will teach all children meditation, breathwork, self-awareness, creativity, and daily self-care. I feel lucky to be part of the movement to make that hopeful future into a reality and hope that you will take the time to join us at one of our community events. 

The family is the foundation of society so let’s bring knowledge of inner peace back through PLAY.

Sara Wilson